Vehicle Door Locks

Commodore - Holden - Ford - Toyota- Hyundai - Mitsubishi

National Locksmiths also repair or can replace your door locks if required. If your vehicle’s locks have been vandalised after a break in, then contact National Locksmiths for a free quote to rectify the problem. National Locksmiths are also Sydney’s leaders in repairing or replacing Holden ignitions and door locks. Even if your locks have just worn out, then National Locksmiths can replace your automotive locks and even put them back on to the same key to suit your original key so you are not left carrying extra keys for your vehicle.

Most insurance companies will not pay a claim if your car is stolen via a key.

If you have had a spare key stolen, then there is an obvious risk that your car can be STOLEN at any time. Have your car booked in with National Locksmiths to have your barrels recoded so that you are once again SECURE.

If your car has no keys or codes, then National Locksmiths can also help you. We are able to remove your door locks or ignition, then make a key to suit them so that you can operate your vehicle once again.

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